Why we do what we do

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Ayurveda is the oldest medicine in the world based on the use of plants for preventative and restorative health. I have always known that plants are crucial to our existence. I recall my mother telling me of homemade medicinals and tinctures that her mother created from plants for illnesses, skin conditions and other purposes, such as dandelion wine! I studied Ayurvedic practices, herbalism and aromatherapy and continue to learn as there is so much wisdom and knowledge from our ancestors. I now refer to the former as the original medicine and new big pharma companies as alternative medicine.

With all the “advances” in the medical/pharmaceutical community we have actually become sicker than ever. We may be living longer, but our quality of life has worsened. The number of people suffering with chronic illnesses is too higher than ever!  

I began creating my own products as I realized that the chemicals I had been using everyday in my home were/could have devastating consequences on my family. I began to read about these everyday products and was so horrified that I knew I had to do something. As a special education teacher, I concluded that the dramatic rise in allergies and skin irritations was due to the use of chemically laden products. The school where I worked was located in Englewood, one of the poorest sections of Chicago. I was surprised at the lack of allergies and they did not have or need a peanut free table in the cafeteria? My thought was that these poor children were probably not overly exposed to antibacterial agents, and excessive cleaning products as their caring mothers spent money on food rather than a multitude of unnecessary cleaning products. A lack of a peanut free table is unheard of in most schools. The dramatic rise in autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities, in my opinion is from overexposure to toxic chemicals either in the form of everyday products, food, water, medications and possibly vaccines.   We can choose to live a cleaner, healthier way of living. We need to educate ourselves and not follow along as sheep to the propaganda that is fed to us everyday.

Another mission that I have embarked on is the, less is more attitude. I am donating as much clothing and “stuff” as my family will allow. It is truly a liberating experience. I do not need all the things that I have accumulated throughout my years of vast consumerism. I have purchased a parcel of farm land where I am growing much of my own food and ingredients that go into my products such as lavender, calendula, and more. I am fortunate enough to have a friend (Laura, who has many certifications including herbalist, ) who has a still. We don’t make alcohol (often), we make essential oils and hydrosols. In my “less is more” campaign, I have built a container home. We can be truly off the grid and self sustained if we choose to be.

There is a better way to live, and we have products to prove it.                           Relax and indulge in nature's gifts.

A Member of NAHA and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA)